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The Five Benefits Of An In-House Design Team

The Five Benefits Of An In-House Design Team

This article looks at the top five benefits of having an in-house design team from the perspective of an in-house designer.

First things first, an in-house design team is when all your branding and marketing is handled under one roof. This could mean you have a design department inside of your company, or you outsource your marketing efforts to a design studio like FatRabbit Creative.

This article looks at the top five benefits of having an in-house design team from the perspective of an in-house designer:

  1. Convenience: Easy for You, The Customer. When working with an in-house team you only have one phone number to keep on speed dial! With all your marketing efforts in one place, you can save time by no longer having to make multiple calls or send numerous emails because your in-house team is already familiar with your ongoing projects. If you are working with multiple team members, they can easily relay messages to each other or effortlessly jump on a call to join discussions; this allows for a streamlined, efficient process that benefits both customer and the designer.
  2. Efficiency: Quicker Turn-around Time. No time is lost when all communication is handled in-house; in fact, by cutting out the middleman, we can work quicker! We don’t have to reach out and contact a third party, only to wait for them to return our calls or emails—or even worse, work the task into their schedule. An in-house design team allows for the flexibility needed to move projects around or shift work to available designers. When an in-house design team tells you it will take a certain amount of time, you can rest assured, knowing you are getting a quality product without the inflated timeline.
  3. Knowledgeable: We Get Your Brand. One of the joys of working with an in-house design team is they are immersed in your brand. They understand your brand, your business, how you want to be perceived by consumers, and your marketing goals—and they make sure that every decision reflects your brand. Each designer on the in-house design team brings unique industry experience and knowledge, which you will benefit from time after time.
  4. Flexibility: Someone’s Always Here to Assist You. The biggest advantage of our in-house design team? You can always get a hold of someone in case of a design emergency! If your lead contact is unavailable, there are other designers on call who are familiar with the projects that can assist you so you are never left hanging. How’s that for customer service?
  5. Friendly: Relationship Driven. We believe that relationships with our clients enhance the creative process, not hinder it. Our clients talk directly to the designers, who serve as their own project managers. Nothing gets lost in translation and over time, you and your designer bond, allowing us to anticipate your needs and tailor designs based on your preferences. We know your vision and can execute it for you as easily as 1, 2, 3.


Sold on having an in-house design team handle your marketing? Contact FatRabbit Creative today to learn more about how we can become your in-house design team and help your business thrive.

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