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The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing in 2021

The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing in 2021

How you use content, images and branding in your email marketing efforts directly affects your ROI. Read on to learn the Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing in 2021.

Make it Specific for Your Business

Your business is distinctive, and you have the most knowledge about it! It only makes sense that you showcase that knowledge in your email marketing strategy. Include the aspects of your business’s products and services that set you apart from your competitors. Remember that this is an opportunity to engage with your audience. Writing your email content in a professional but personal tone can help you connect with your customer base.

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Get to the Point

It generally takes 30 seconds for a reader to lose interest, so it is vital to get straight to the point of your email. Including a smart, catchy subject line and email header will set the tone for the rest of your messaging. The most important details of your email should always be presented first, and any subject changes should be made clear through breaks in text or using emphasis (like bold, italics, or underlined text). And please, please avoid large sections of text. Large sections of text will discourage the customer and make them click away. White space in an email can be a good thing!

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Use Visuals to Your Advantage

Like anything in business, you have to stand out from the crowd. If you want to be remembered, you need to put your brand front and center. A great way to achieve this is to incorporate your brand into your email template, not just in your signature. Creating an email template using your logo and color scheme not only makes you look professional but also helps your content stand out.

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Test and Retest

Mistakes happen, so it’s crucial to test all your emails before sending them. Make sure your links work, that the content has been proofread, and the email appears how it should. We suggest checking on mobile and using several browsers including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Sign up for your own emails (you’d be shocked at how many of our clients don’t do this!) to ensure you know how the email will appear in an inbox.

Email marketing is a time-consuming process that can yield high ROI, especially for small businesses. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your email marketing efforts, give us a call! We design beautiful templates and manage email marketing for clients of all sizes across many different industries. Let us help you send smart emails that actually align with your sales and marketing goals!

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