SEO Services

We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services as a primary means to help you better your chances of being discovered organically on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is done through three main phases; on page optimization, off page optimization, and technical improvements to your website.

Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research is executed in order to find the low hanging fruit for your SEO campaign. As part of our SEO services, we include a Keyword Catalogue to return to throughout the ongoing optimization process. Read more about our keyword research process here!


Ongoing implementation of our technical, on page, and off page SEO findings is paramount to our optimization strategy. Along with monthly, SEO-specific reporting and analysis, our ongoing optimization process allows for a tailor-made strategy that’s specific to you. Find out more about ongoing search engine optimization here!

Local SEO

We rely on thorough geographic research to keep our local SEO services successful. Whether it’s understanding your competitors, your clients, or your local impact, we strive to make your presence online easy to find for your local prospects and clients. Check out more about local SEO here!

SEO Report Card

fatrabbit CREATIVE offers a free SEO report card meant to give you some insight on how your website is performing through the lens of SEO. Get yours here! 

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