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How to Plan Your Social Media Content

How to Plan Your Social Media Content

Planning your social media content in advance will make implementing your strategy seem effortless. Follow our guide on how to plan social media content for your small business.

Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is the first step in planning social content for your small business and the key to succeeding in the social media world! Your strategy should include a social media audit, SMART goals, and audience research. In order to make SMART goals, it is essential to look at your current social media and where it can improve. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound goals will set clear benchmarks for your progress and ROI. Your strategy will set the foundation for planning, creating, and scheduling your social media content. Confused about where to start? Let’s talk about developing a digital strategy for your brand. Our digital marketing team can help you develop a social media strategy and content for your channels that support your digital marketing goals.

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Organization is vital when planning social media. Content calendars use your social media strategy and content pillars as a guide to planning social content a month in advance. Under each of your content pillars, you should develop 3-5 social media post ideas for your channels. Planning your social media content this way will ensure each post adds value to your brand and supports your strategy.

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Choose Your Channels

As a small business, you should always think about how you can find and expand your audience online. Researching your target audience demographics should be your first step in choosing your social media channels. Your competition’s social media presence should act as a guide for the type of content you will develop. Every social media channel is different, and your content should be created with those differences in mind.

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Now that you have developed a plan and have selected your channels, it is time to create! When writing for social media, you should consider your audience and how your content can benefit them. You also need to consider how to make your post stand out with beautiful, branded images, video content, and engaging photos. For many business owners creating a branded image or unique video about their services is way out of their comfort zone and not on their priority list. We can help with that!

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Growing your small business over social media takes time. Creating engaging and consistent content targeted at your audience will help sustain future growth. Social media is constantly evolving, which is why staying up to date on marketing trends, influencers within your industry, and your competition’s social media presence is essential.

Social media could be the key to your business growth, but it will take time and effort to implement a strategy that works for you. We handle digital marketing and social media management for our clients. We pair strategic content development with purposeful design to grow your social media organically. Visit our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see our work!

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