Why Integrated Marketing Is Best for Your Business

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Aristotle

When you walk into Chic-Fil-A one thing is crystal clear, their brand. From customer service to consistency in their logo to their advertising and events, Chic-Fil-A comes at you with uniformity and cohesiveness that sets them apart and ensures you remember them. Most importantly, this strategy ensures the quality that keeps you coming back, making them wildly successful. This is how an integrated marketing strategy helps your business succeed, by ensuring your brand is crystal clear and touches every aspect of your business. Here are the key reasons to integrate your marketing strategy.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

To understand why you should employ an integrated marketing strategy, you first need to understand what it is. Integrated marketing strategies connect all marketing activities together with a common strategy, including brand, style guide, advertising, social media activities, and content marketing. Integrated marketing results in the delivery of a streamlined, customer-focused strategy that ensures your message and customer experience are consistent across every channel and activity.

Why Integrate Your Marketing

Increased Brand Consistency
An integrated marketing approach will ensure that your brand is clear and consistent in tone, voice, and style. Why is this important? Because you want your customers to know you and recognize you easily. This also gains trust as the modern consumer is discerning and requires authenticity and honesty in marketing.

Better Customer Experience
Integrating your marketing efforts across content and channels guarantees that your customer journey is focused and identifies exactly what you want prospects to know and what they are to do with that information. Providing the same message across your channels also means your customer can quickly identify your value prop and decide if it’s for them. Why waste time on customers who are not likely to convert when you can better identify the right prospect, deliver your value prop, and get them to the sale?

Increases Your Results
Integrated marketing is simply more effective. First, it means your campaigns will be more targeting with all efforts focused on one sales goal. When all of your campaigns are aligned with your sales goals and each channel works to support content on the other platforms, your brand is more likely to identify and speak to the right prospect and thus convert. Secondly, an integrated marketing approach makes your messaging consistent. Consistency gains trust and trust leads to conversions.

Just like no man is an island, no department in a business is isolated. Yet, so many businesses treat their marketing efforts as individual activities. Without integrated marketing campaigns, you’re most likely losing prospects and money. We create cohesive marketing campaigns for your clients that make them money. We’d love to help you accomplish your digital marketing goals!

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