What Makes a Good Church Logo?

A logo is an essential part of any organization, business or non-profit. Regardless of industry, there are certain qualities that characterize a good logo, paving the way for an effective brand. Without these qualities, poor logos are created. And poor logos lead to poor brands. Before you keep reading, you may need to learn more about the differences between a logo and a brand. Churches seem to consistently miss the mark on these qualities (simple, memorable, versatile, appropriate and timeless) and end up being identified by something trite and cliche or confusing and misguided. Where design of the highest quality should be most present (the church), it is often absent. The church bears a responsibility to create things that are of the utmost goodness, excellence and beauty. A logo is the perfect place to start.

A church logo, although not an end in and of itself, is a powerful means to assisting a church’s vision. As Kent Shaffer of Church Relevance puts it, “A great church logo in and of itself does not create great church branding. But it does give a church the foundation needed to build a solid brand.”

So, what makes a good church logo? What should churches be considering and exercising in this process of developing a strong logo? We believe these five qualities is a great place to start.

1.) Christ-centered 
If Christ is the focus, purpose and life of the church, then a church’s logo should reflect this. By keeping Christ and the cross central, churches identify with Christ’s resurrection. Crosses are symbolic of where our connection with God intersects with the relationships we have with others. This is church. Bethlehem Baptist Church’s logo is a great example of placing Christ and the cross front and center.

2.) Authentic
Every church has a unique set of DNA, if you will. No two churches are the same. Sure, foundational principles and beliefs won’t always differ, but each church has a specific vision, whether they recognize that or not. Good church logos embrace those unique qualities and therefore become unique logos, communicating its church’s vision in a personal, authentic and creative way. Grace Bible Chapel breaks their logo into four quadrants, signifying their four core audiences—children, youth, adults and seniors.

3.) Memorable 
Whether you’ve been going to the same church for 20 years or 20 minutes, an emotional connection will be established. Whether this connection is good or bad, the logo will play an important role in building it. Be memorable for good reasons and allow the power of an effective logo to fuel this connection. A clean, simple mark with a professional type treatment and balanced color scheme is a good start. This point goes with clarifying that bad logos are sometimes more memorable than good ones. Times Square Church uses a simple mark and type treatment which builds recognition.

4.) Consistent 
This point goes hand-in-hand with being memorable. Let’s face it: there are thousands upon thousands of churches. As one church begins to grow it can easily become confused with another, especially within a specific geographic area. This is where consistency is crucial. The foundation of a good logo that’s used consistently paves the way for an effective brand. A traditional view of branding will tell you to get a good logo and plaster it everywhere. A consistent brand needs to become more built-in, natural and part of everything you say, do and think. Do this and your church won’t be forgotten. As a media-driven church, Mars Hill publishes videos, articles and sermons on a daily basis; their logo is a consistent thread through it all.

5.) Aesthetic
The final aspect of an effective church logo is aesthetics. As stated earlier, the church bears a responsibility to create beautiful things all for the glory of God. Simply put, a church’s logo should be excellent and appealing, not just a mandatory mark. Christ Church London utilizes dynamic colors and a powerfully charged kite shape to communicate growth and life in a beautiful way.

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