The Best Chatbot Software for Small Businesses

In our last blog post we discussed the what’s and why’s of using Chatbots for small businesses. If you missed it, check it out here. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of chatbots, including increasing conversion rates, assistance with lead generation and streamlining your marketing efforts, you’ll first need to choose the right software and ensure that your site can accommodate it. Let's explore some of the best chatbot software/plugins for small business websites! 

Things to Know Before Installing a Chatbot 

Before installing any software/plugin to your site, it is essential to do your research. The main concern with installing a Chatbot software/plugin is website load speed and site security. Pay attention to how outdated the software/plugin is and how often it requires updating. A broken software/ plugin can cause your site to crash and impact the security of your site, trust us when we say you do not want to deal with that headache! We know that this may not be your area of expertise, so we compiled a list of the best Chatbot software/plugins for small businesses below.

Best Chatbot Software/Plugins for Small Businesses Websites 

Chatbot with IBM Watson: The free version of this plugin was created to support small businesses; it includes 10,000 messages per month and premade templates. IBM Watson can be trained to answer your company's frequently asked questions and help users navigate your website. This plugin requires no coding knowledge and provides resources for installation.

Tidio – Live Chat, Chatbots & Messenger: A budget-friendly option that allows you to customize chat widgets. Tidio offers a free mobile app to enable small business owners to live chat with customers at any time. This plugin uses a natural language processing technology to recognize frequently used words, which helps provide your customers with faster and more reliable customer support.

Floating Chat Widget by Chaty: This interactive plugin can be implemented on your website as well as other digital platforms like Facebook Messenger, TikTok, and Slack. Their free version allows you to link two digital platforms and offers over 20 different features. Chaty is mobile-friendly and will enable you to set display triggers to drive user action. 


As a small business, it is essential to use technology to your advantage. Installing a chatbot software/plugin to your website can help improve your customer service online and support your marketing goals. Ready to add a Chatbot to your small business's website but feel a bit lost? Let us handle the details! Our team will create a custom chatbot and strategically implement it on your website. Give us a call at 973-691-5804 or email us at to get started! 

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