Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Efforts

Spring has almost made its welcomed arrival. Each year when spring hits many of us are itching to open up the windows, get outside, and even spruce up our house after months of being stuck indoors. If you’re a business owner, spring is a great time to take stock and clean up your marketing efforts. And, when it comes to marketing your brand, a few touches can go a long way. Here are our top marketing spring cleaning tips for your brand, website, and more!

Dust Off Your Website
Cleaning your marketing house should start with an analysis of your online presence and website. Is the information correct? Are your images up to date and seasonal? Have your employees changed? Take stock of your basic info from hours of operation to your location to staff info and make sure everything is accurate. Upload new images of your staff, building, products, etc. that shows a current view of your company and brand.

Clean Your Lists
Having a clean, segmented email list can have a great impact on your conversion rates and analytics. Why keep the email addresses of those who are not interested in your products or continue to send content that isn’t matched well to the potential or current customer? All this does is clutter someone’s inbox and dirty up your metrics. We recommend cleaning your lists of those who have not opened your emails once per year and considering how to separate and segment lists each spring. Not sure how to segment or clean your lists? We can help!

Shine Up Your Brand
Brand recognition is critical to grow your business and convert more customers. Are you putting your best brand foot forward and actively promoting a singular, recognizable style? Activities like branded images that include your logo, an updated website that showcases your style, and digital ads are excellent ways to push your brand forward.

Spruce Up Social
2020 was the craziest year many of us have experienced both personally and professionally. The truth is that the world of social media marketing and advertising is wide open for small businesses in 2021. This is a great time to integrate new social media channels, digital advertising, and social activities like events, live streaming, etc. into your social media marketing plan.

Freshen Your Content
Spring is the perfect time to update your existing content and begin to push into new topics and opportunities. Tons has changed since Covid-19, and more will change moving forward. Make sure your policies and procedures are up to date. Run a keyword analysis of your current content and your competitors. Then, integrate new keywords, phrases, and metadata into your website to gain more organic traffic and, hopefully, take some market share from your competition. Finally, consider adding new content areas to your current marketing efforts. From consistent email campaigns to blogging to social publishing, increasing your content efforts in just a few ways can bring more eyes to your brand and expand your reach.

Taking the time this spring to make a few of these simple changes can give your marketing the boost it needs to increase leads and brand recognition. And it’ll give your customers more insight into who and where you are right now allowing you to better connect and gain their trust. If you need any support in polishing your marketing efforts this spring, we’re here to help!

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