How to Choose a Copywriter

Imagine traveling to a place you’ve always wanted to go, Paris, the Great Wall of China, Alaska, etc. but only being able to view the amazing experience through the lens of a camera. You’d miss a ton of the landscape, what’s on the periphery, and even what’s behind you. That’s often what happens when business owners or employees are the sole crafters of marketing content. When we’re too close to a product or service, we often miss different angles, perspectives, and opportunities in how we communicate and connect with customers. In Part One of this series, we discussed why you need a copywriter. But, it’s equally important to choose the right person to write your content. If you want people to see the whole picture of your product or service, you need an excellent content writer who understands your product, vision, and target market—and can make your brand stand out. Here’s what you really want in a content writer.

What to Look for in a Copywriter

After 10 years of marketing writing, I’ve learned what you need to thrive and exceed client expectations. These are the most important qualities to look for when hiring a copywriter.

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Attention to Detail

This is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many good writers make simple mistakes. An excellent copywriter will not only be proficient in grammar, spelling, and citation, they will also employ tools, like Grammarly, and have an attention to detail that ensures all content is clean and professional.


All writers have strengths and weaknesses. A good content writer will know theirs and be honest about what they can do easily and when they’ll need talking points. I can craft strong content that is creative or provides thought-leadership for a variety of clients without much support, but technical writing is out of my wheelhouse. In order to fully capture the subject and hit the mark, I’d ask more questions and ask for bullets or briefs before crafting content. The right content writer will be honest about what they excel at and when they’ll need more support.


Keep it simple and get to the point or you’ll bore readers. The world is visual, so telling clear stories with visual components will resonate more than endless pages of words. How content is worded is also important. Ask for writing samples to ensure your writer can get drive home points with clarity and efficiency.

Excellent Research Skills

Good writers understand the client and focus of the content. Great writers take the time to research to understand prospective audiences, competition, possible obstacles and how to overcome them, and what’s working and not working within the market. Above all else, research skills are critical for content marketing to work. Research is worth the extra time and effort and a great content writer will do their homework.

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Crafting good content takes laser focus and efficient time management. Whether you’re paying by the word, on a piece-by-piece basis, or have a monthly contract, a great content writer will be able to focus on the topic at hand, quickly and effectively writing content that grabs readers’ attention.

SEO Understanding

What you say matters most. But, how it’s viewed by search engines is a close second. You should always look for a content writer that understands how to find and integrate keywords that will help your content show up at the top of the page in search queries. This will equate to more traffic and potential conversions.

Hire A Copywriter

To be successful, a content marketing strategy takes a great writer who can focus on more than just the words on the screen. When you’re looking for your next copywriter, be sure to keep these qualities in mind or you’ll risk a bad fit that can cost you both money and market share. Ready to jump in and hire a content writer to save you time, drive your marketing plan, and increase traffic? Give us a call. It’s kind of my thing.


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