FatRabbit Creative Has Rebranded!

There comes a time in every business when so much has changed, from location to staff, to growth in products and services, that you realize it’s time for a big shift in your brand. The level of growth and change we’ve experienced in the past 5 years at FatRabbit Creative called for brand evolution, we are moving in a bright new direction with a nod to the past while pointing towards a fabulous future. We have crafted a mark and voice for FatRabbit Creative that represents how far we’ve come and match the trajectory of our business.

The New FatRabbit Creative Brand

When Heather our Principal and CEO, a former history teacher and lover of all things vintage approached the design team with ideas, she knew that she wanted the brand to emanate a retro, mid-century feel while also bringing in colors, patterns, and fonts that spoke to FatRabbit’s proud position as a female-owned and run company. Referencing shows like Bewitched, Wanda Vision, and Mad Men, lead designer Jordan had a clear vision for the style, themes, and color choices that would hit the mark. After researching retro shows, wallpapers, and art, Jordan landed on script fonts and bright yet muted colors that highlight a mid-century feel while providing a modern touch.

Fatrabbit Creative New Logo Mock Up on a 1950's Style Toaster

The Mark

When choosing to rebrand, it is always crucial to keep one foot in where you‘ve been and the other in where you’re headed. This is why it was a no-brainer that FatRabbit Creative would continue to use the rabbit as the distinctive mascot for our mark.

The challenge was to find a font that elevated the brand while bringing in the retro vibe Heather wanted to capture. Jordan researched old sitcom logos and retro magazines for inspiration. She eventually landed on a script font, Beautiful People, that mirrored the curves within the rabbit and a serif font, Domaine Display, that evokes just enough femininity to reflect that our organization is female-owned and operated.


For print elements, presentations, and backgrounds, Heather and Jordan knew they wanted retro patterns with modern elements. The new patterns are inspired by the mid-century, atomic age, and play-off cartoons of the early 1960s and period architecture that could be found in places like Palm Springs and Miami back in the day.


Choosing colors was perhaps the most difficult of all design choices in our rebrand. Heather led the way taking her inspiration from mid-century design and furniture. Leading with shades of blue, she chose bright, complementary colors that weren’t overwhelming and evoked femininity and power.

Put all of these elements together and you get a brand that speaks volumes about who we are as a company. We are classic in our industry at the ripe age of 20. We are innovative and strategic in our work. And boy have we got a lot of moxie!

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