Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Do you want to grow your small business and target new customers? Content marketing is the key to growth in 2022. Most people assume content marketing only involves your website, when in fact, it is a wholistic approach to your marketing strategy. Smart content marketing strategies understand whom to target, where to reach them, and how to keep them engaged. Ready to grow in 2022? Follow these content marketing tips to gain new leads and convert more customers. 

Start a Blog  

Knowing your audience when it comes to blogging is the key to success. Adding a blog or news section will help drive organic traffic to your website, build your brand voice and establish you as an expert in your industry. The more blogs you produce, the more google and other search engines will push your website higher in search ranking (along with SEO best practices, of course).   

Increase Engagement through Email Newsletter  

Emails are the fastest way to reach your customers directly. The differentiator between a good email and a bad one lies within your content! Newsletter-style emails give you the flexibility of sharing more about your brand, products/ services, and industry. Remember to write with your brand voice and personality in mind.  

Promote Your Content on Social Media 

Social media is the best tool for sharing, creating new content, and researching your audience! Analytics can help you determine how to target your audience and what content to publish for each platform. Social media gives small business owners the ability to nurture and build relationships within their industry.  


Content marketing is at the core of any marketing plan! Not only will it set you apart from your competition, but it will also help promote long-term growth and success. Need help developing your brand voice and content marketing strategy? Our digital marketing team is here to help get you started. Our strategic approach will help you grow your online audience and support your goals. Email us at to get started. 

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