5 Reasons Why ExpressionEngine Is A Better Than Wordpress

April 08, 2016

So what is ExpressionEngine?

Does it really dominate its toughest opponent, WordPress, as the heavyweight champion of the content management system world? In our opinion, the answer is yes. When it comes to the web, ExpressionEngine is preferred by companies of all sizes for 5 major reasons: It is secure, reliable, supportive, easy to use, and most importantly, flexible.

Both ExpressionEngine and WordPress are content management systems, which put simply, is a group of applications that allows organizations to effortlessly create, edit, review, and publish website content, without needing to know code.

WordPress is more widely recognized by people, due to its popularity as a blogging tool. It’s free, with relatively easy to use custom themes you can edit yourself. Though it is ideal for blogs, WordPress is limited in its ability in bringing custom and unique websites to fruition and tends to lack in security. That is where ExpressionEngine comes in to save the day.

Security and Reliability

ExpressionEngine has the most well-rounded collection of security features of any CMS on the market, such as Session Management, Secure Form Processing, and Captcha. ExpressionEngine comes with built-in spam deterrents to keep your site secure and spam-free. Most notably is the Blacklist/Whitelist Module, which allows you to specify URLs, IP addresses, and user agents that you want to deny (blacklist) or allow (whitelist) from your site. Another safety precaution that ExpressionEngine has is that it allows and/or limits multiple users' access to certain areas of the site. This protects against any unwanted traffic that could slow down or affect your site's pages. Whereas in WordPress, there are a lot more plug-ins the developer must constantly check to make sure they are up to date.


ExpressionEngine’s creator, Ellis Lab is both trustworthy and reliable and is reachable if you ever run into a technical issue. They offer an unlimited amount of help that covers all current legacy products and offers quick resolutions. While WordPress, although free, offers no real support or advancement to the system other than users helping fellow users—which in the long run lacks security and may not be the most efficient way to get the proper help you need.

Ease of Use

ExpressionEngine allows for the creation of unique websites due to its ability to effortlessly manage content with custom fields that can be carried across different publishing channels at one time. The admin section can be customized based on the website requirements and it also allows you to quickly redesign page layouts without having to worry about content. It places the content into a database making editing a breeze.


ExpressionEngine starts every page from scratch, letting you customize your site every step of the way, instead of forcing you to work within a pre-made, rigid template as WordPress does. In addition, ExpressionEngine will also allow you to use any html/css template you would like, regardless of where it was found. WordPress only allows you to use WordPress templates. ExpressionEngine’s admin section has a clean interface that is easily customized based on the customer or client’s needs. Because of this, it allows the website to better mirror the initial design of a site the developer received from the designer. Ultimately, ExpressionEngine will allow your website to grow and expand as your business does, without the unnecessary stress.

More and more companies of all sizes including, Pizza Hut and Garmin are using ExpressionEngine to build their websites. They are discovering that it is the most secure, reliable and most importantly, flexible of all the content management systems on the market today; including its main rival, WordPress.





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