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5 New Social Media Features You Should Know About

5 New Social Media Features You Should Know About

Each social media platform offers a different opportunity to grow your small business, but it is essential to keep up to date on the latest social media trends. Here are social media features to increase brand awareness and audience engagement.

Instagram Desktop Posting

Instagram has been developing and testing a desktop posting feature for Instagram stories and feed posts. We all know that Instagram is not compatible with automatic social media publishing tools, making it tedious to post planned content. Desktop posting will streamline the posting and management of your digital content saving us all time, and who doesn’t want more time in their day?

Illustration of Instagram logo on a desktop computer

LinkedIn Creator Mode

LinkedIn added a creator mode for personal profiles. Creator mode allows “LinkedIn creators” to share content within their area of expertise. The goal of the new profile update is to help build professional communities around similar interests. Businesses and professionals alike can capitalize on this new feature by sharing their content on LinkedIn and targeting specific industries and professional communities. This will enhance your networks and create new opportunities for lead generation.

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Facebook Business Suite

The Facebook business suite now allows you to schedule stories for both Facebook and Instagram-linked business accounts. It also enables users to manage messages, reply to comments and see analytics for both Instagram and Facebook. Instead of gathering analytics from each platform or having to log in to reply to a comment, the business suite makes it convenient to manage all your digital marketing efforts.

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TikTok Video Length

TikTok has changed its video length options to offer video posts up to three minutes long. The new update opens the door for small businesses to use the platform to their advantage. Not only will this simplify your editing process, but it will also allow for more creative freedom. Videos will easily translate across other social media platforms that traditionally support longer video lengths.

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YouTube Video Chapters

YouTube introduced a Chapter feature that separates specific sections of a video into a Chapter. This will help organize the content in your videos and provide the user with better navigation. Chapters will also help your SEO strategy, by allowing search engines to promote multiple chapters within one video.

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