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In May 2020, while the COVID-19 pandemic was ravaging New Jersey and the United States, The Maple Shop in Chester, New Jersey, was featured on CNBC’s Advancements hosted by Ted Danson. The chance to be featured on a nationwide broadcast is an amazing opportunity for any unique store like The Maple Shop and was especially timely with the usual foot traffic and in-store business reduced to nothing because of the pandemic.

Facebook Event Management

Partnering with The Maple Shop to promote this event, we created an Event Marketing Strategy to promote the upcoming segment on social media before the segment aired, coached the owners and assisted with a live streaming Facebook event before, during, and after the segment, crafted a social media ad promoting their online store, and created eye-catching graphics to be utilized for email marketing to event attendees with a special offer. Learn how we can support your social media efforts as we did theirs! 

Starting with the concept of Pancakes and Pajamas, we crafted the event marketing plan around people tuning in to the Facebook Live event with their pancakes and Maple Shop syrup. With explanations of the sugaring processes, history of the business, question and answer sessions, and promotional giveaways to be won live on air, there was plenty to keep the viewers entertained leading up to the segment airing.

Our pre-event marketing netted a 25% response rate within their audience, with more than 100 people tuning into the live event, including nearly 75 concurrent viewers during the time the segment was airing.

During and after the live event traffic to The Maple Shop’s website was nearly 7 times higher than average, with 35 of 50 states reporting at least one visit, and a large cluster in the Northeast. Traffic to their online shop increased as well, with their shop receiving 320 visits on the day of the event alone.

Following the event, we crafted a Facebook ad to promote the most popular and best-selling items The Maple Shop sells. This ad reached nearly 50,000 Facebook users, with nearly 85,000 impressions. With a click-through rate that was two and a half times higher than average, traffic to the online store was up 125%, with the majority of the traffic being unique visits to the promoted items.

After all was said and done, The Maple Shop saw an increase in not only site traffic, but their online sales, including new customers from other states that saw the segment and visited the online store. Additionally, viewers of the live event converted to recurring customers and followers who continue to support The Maple Shop.

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