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Somerset Media Group is a client of ours that deserves some spotlight. Did you ever stop to wonder who was responsible for the lighting, audio and video when you go to your place of worship every Sunday? Yeah, it never occurred to us either until we met Somerset Media Group. Somerset Media Group needed a sound brand that would be recognizable among their community.

We began by orchestrating designs for their new logo. The three overlapping rings in the mark originated from three concepts that were presented during our creative kickoff. First there was the idea to depict the spotlights often used in their work. Another idea was to represent the intersection of technology, artistry and ministry of their business. Lastly, the mark could signify the spiritual theme of the trinity. Combined, the logo is one full of thought.

Somerset Media Group’s website came next and with that a question: how do you display audiovisual solutions? Create a strong site that clearly shows the space in which they worked and room to expand on how they were able to help their clients. The site is contemporary and clean allowing for their work to shine almost as brightly as their lighting!

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“fatrabbit CREATIVE understood my business from the get-go. The team presented me with wonderful designs and every single one of them blew me away. Whether logo or website, the process always went smoothly. My brand is now professional and timeless. Investing in fatrabbit CREATIVE was a great decision and I would recommend them over and over again. ”

 Michael Hoddy
Principal, Somerset Media Group

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