Somerset Eye Institute

Billboard Design 

HIPPA Document Layout

Stationery Kit & Logo Design

Survey Design

Website Design

Somerset Eye Institute is an eye surgery center that specializes in cataract, glaucoma and laser eye surgeries. We were already working with their parent company, American SurgiSite Centers when they asked us to rebrand the business. Beginning with the logo, we created a new mark—an abstract eye, the shape of which was inspired from the American SurgiSite Centers’ logo. Next, the logo and brand was expanded upon to include a stationery kit, HIPPA documents, customer quality care surveys and more.

Our vision for the new modern branding also included the website design. The straightforward design makes it simple for users to find information quickly. The website features adjustable font sizing to make the experience easier on the visually impaired. We also designed a custom referral system for patients to use when looking for a doctor.

One advertisement created for Somerset Eye Institute was a billboard at a local baseball stadium. Keeping the simple modern look-and-feel, the use of white space helps their ad stand out in a sea of advertisements. If you can’t spot it, then it’s definitely time to get your eyes checked!

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