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Safe+Sound Somerset was formerly known as the Resource Center of Somerset. We helped this domestic abuse resource center rebrand themselves, beginning with their name. The words “safe” and “sound” were chosen to communicate “being free from danger or risk or harm,” while the plus symbol represents two or more particulars into a whole or a positive quality. We also developed their tagline, “Ending Domestic Abuse Once and For All,” communicating the “time to break the cycle of domestic violence is now and for the last time. “For all,” also communicates that they are all inclusive; for all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual preference, religion, age, etc. After naming, we focused on the logo; the colors symbolize hope and a brighter future, while the kite represents the struggle victims face, the act of rising above and raising awareness. 

In addition, we helped name and brand many of their other projects including their annual gala, “Soaring To New Heights,” as well as their teen program, “SPEAK.” The overall result is a suite of materials that not only look great, but reflect their new identity of safety, empowerment, and inspiration.

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