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NAS is not a boring group of academics, but you would never have known it by looking at their previous branding so we hit the books and came up with a redesign that would properly capture these brainiacs.

The first chapter in this redesign was to create a new logo for the National Association of Scholar. Once that was done, we put in place brand guidelines to ensure the brand would remain gold-star worthy. Gorgeous black and white antique photos contrast beautifully against calming shades of blue that can be found on their new website, a hefty CMS (content management system) built to handle NAS’s daily operations. Organizing the heavy amounts of content into a clean, organized interface was a bit of a challenge, but we were able to make the site easy to navigate by restructuring the site and prioritizing the resources.

Recently we added new functionality to their “Join and Renew” section, making it easier than ever to be a part of the organization. 

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“We were thrilled with the work fatrabbit CREATIVE did in designing a new website and logo for us. The final product was outstanding and we enjoyed working with the fatrabbit team in the process. They listened to our needs, came up with good solutions for our questions, and were always responsive and positive. The new clean look they gave us will help us reach more people more effectively. fatrabbit CREATIVE is distinct in the quality, attentiveness, and care it brings to its clients, and we are excited about the changes happening in our organization as a result of its work. ”

 Ashley Thorne
Director, National Association of Scholars

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