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Grace Bible Chapel knows belief is a powerful thing. In fact, the community’s core belief is simply that they do believe. Putting their faith in our team, we created an identity for the local church that would help them through their transition.

Focusing on symbolism, a huge source of inspiration and branding came from their new color scheme. The color gold symbolizes glory, red represents blood, the purple stands for resurrection and green signifies growth. The bible shape is abstract by the negative space cutting through, a cross–together symbolizing the church.

Once we had their logo created, we turned our attention towards their online presence. GBC wanted those in the community to have a place were they could easily and effortlessly find sermons and information on their ministries. The website features a Pastor’s blog, calendar and outlined ministries. Heavily using textures and color, the site quickly came alive echoing the experience churchgoers witness each week. 

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