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Logo and Stationery Design

Presentation Design

Corporate Brokers is beyond resumes­–paper resumes, that is, so you’d be hard pressed to find any in their offices. What you will find is a new logo, inspired by moving beyond. Corporate Brokers fun yet professional mark is subtly reminiscent of a paper airplane, while their Hiring Science logo plays off of an element on the periodic table.

Let us explain: they have a formula for placing new employees known as “Hiring Science,” which we helped define and execute as well as brand. The mark for Hiring Science set the tone for their accompanying iPad presentation. It’s elementary my dear Watson, why use paper when they are beyond it? That’s why we also created metal business that look sleek and cutting-edge, matching the way Corporate Brokers and Hiring Science go about staffing.

It’s that outside the box thinking that got us thinking… we think alike! 

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