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Collyde can be summed up in three words: “Serve. Give. Go.” It’s that simple for and it was our mission to build them an initial site design to help get the project off the ground. They created a platform where churches and Christ-centered organizations could create projects to raise funds, enlist volunteers and organize mission trips–a concept that changes the way things could be done. The impact this company strives to create served as the starting point for their mark. Their revolutionary idea sparked our interest and then it was our turn to “go” and create a site to match.

Helping define the site structure, we created wireframes and assisted in conceptualizing the design that could house this big vision. We knew the user interface would be important because both supporters and project-creators would be interacting with the site heavily on several different levels. We also planned to stress social media and the ability to share projects with others. Using bright, eye-catching colors and icons, the users would be able to easily navigate the site and find projects they were passionate about.

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