Bill Of Rights Institute

Website and Illustration Design

Website and Illustration Design

Bill of Rights: I know my rights! Or do I? That’s why when we were approached to by some founding-fathers-fanatics we jumped onboard! The Bill of Rights Institute wanted an interactive web game that would make teaching (and learning) the fourth amendment much more fun than reading about it in a boring old textbook. We learned a thing or two about our right to privacy in the good ole’ U.S.A. It was eye opening to say the least.

Using playful illustrations packed with color and knowledge, the website game became a place where those of all ages could learn while having fun. The game features five rounds with five informative prompts in each round. It’s up to you to find the clues and educate yourself. The game begins in a home, then outside before heading into a store. Finally the game addresses your rights at a public event, in this case a football game.

It’s fun and educational, stylish and informative and a perfect excuse to brush up on your rights.

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“fatrabbit CREATIVE is everything you wish web designers could be. Not only did the team bring excellent ideas to the table, they worked closely with us, communicating constantly to ensure they were making our vision a reality. Rather than reacting to unanticipated issues or changes in desired functionality, fatrabbit anticipated issues and offered novel approaches to resolve them. When it was all said and done, the product they delivered was visually stunning and user-friendly. And finally, not even a direct hit by a hurricane could stop on-time delivery. I'm looking forward to working with fatrabbit CREATIVE again.”

 Veronica Burchard
Vice President, Bill of Rights

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