Why You Need a Good Content Marketing Strategy

In the past, the best way to gain brand exposure and new leads was through advertising. But social media and new technology, like pop-up blockers, have changed the game and left many small businesses who rely on paid search out of the league entirely. Today, content and visuals rule the search engine world. To be seen and heard online in a way that has an impact on your business you need to produce meaningful content. And, to do this well, you need a content marketing strategy to help you organize and plan. Ready to get back into the game? Here’s why you need a content marketing strategy that goes beyond the ad.

4 Reasons You Need a Killer Content Strategy
  1. Gain New Leads. Did you know that 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a product through content rather than advertisements? And small businesses with blogs get 125% more traffic than those without. The more traffic you have, the more solid leads you’ll gain.

  2. Tell Your Story. Think of the last time you were really moved by something you saw on social media or an ad on tv. Chances are what inspired or stirred you was a compelling story. Telling your story in your voice does more than just gain readers. Good storytelling opens a window into the humanity and heart of your brand, encouraging confidence and creating an actual relationship between you and the customer.

  3.  Increase brand exposure. Blogging, social media posts, and downloadable content on your website makes your brand more visible to potential customers. The simple fact is good content with smart SEO gets seen. And, since 88% of consumers research online before purchasing a product, we know content and conversion are connected (say that five times fast). Which leads us to our last point…

  4. Content marketing converts. Let’s put it all together. A sound content strategy including storytelling increases visibility which, of course, increases your chances of conversion. But, it’s more than that, because content marketing meets the consumer where they are, allowing you to showcase your product differentiators while generating trust. And trust leads to conversion.

The numbers are clear: to compete and gain ground in new markets you need a good content marketing strategy, one that makes telling your story in a compelling, engaging way the top priority. Wondering how? Give us a call at 973·691·5804 or email us at hello@fatrabbitcreative.com. We’d love to help you define, refine, and produce a content marketing strategy that increases visibility and gains you more satisfied customers. 

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