Why You Need A Content Writer

In this digital world, every business owner knows that, in order to retain customers and find new ones, you need a strong website and marketing plan. Smart business owners also know that content is king and the backbone of any website and digital marketing plan. Without consistently producing strong content across your website, email, and social channels, your marketing efforts are dead in the water, all while your competition is poised to take your market share. But content takes time and effort that many business owners simply don’t have. Beyond saving you time, there are a few important reasons we recommend finding the right writer to support your marketing efforts.

Why Hire a Content Writer?

When it comes to creating content, many businesses rely on the business owner or employ someone in their staff who is often in an unrelated role. You may think it’s a stretch to add another person to your payroll, even on a contractual basis, when you’re capable of writing content. But we’ve found it’s the best way to ensure your marketing is clear, of high quality, and is effective at attracting and converting customers.

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1. You don’t have the time to do what it takes, well.

Sure, you can write a blog post in an hour, slap together an email for a promotion, or quickly throw something up on Facebook. But the truth is, good content takes time and a strong strategy. Hiring a content writer will not only give you more time to focus on your business, it will employ the right person for the job, one whose skills enable them to employ a comprehensive strategy that not only reaches but exceeds your goals. 

2. You want high quality, clean content.

They’re or their? When should you use a colon versus a semicolon? While these may not seem like crucial decisions, how you present your content is as important as the content itself. Grammar and spelling errors show a lack of professionalism and can turn potential customers away. Hiring a proficient content writer can ensure your content is squeaky clean and ready for production.  

3. You want your content to attract new markets.

If content is king, SEO is the king’s right-hand man. A smart SEO strategy that includes keywording and meta-data is essential to rank highly in search engines and stay competitive. A capable content writer will have a working understanding of SEO and be able to position you to retain and improve your ranking on Google and other important search engines.

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4. You aren’t able to stay up on social media trends. 

Social media is a critical way to connect and engage with both current and potential customers. But, it’s an ever-evolving animal that requires constant examination and pivots to be successful. A good content writer will help you understand what social media channels and the types of posts that will work for your business and be able to craft content that increases followers and engagement.

5. You value a new perspective.

When you own your own business you clearly know the most about it and your products and services. But, being so close to the target can be a disadvantage as it can often make you focus on the trees rather than the whole forest. A content writer will be a fresh, different perspective and can ensure your content opens doors to every possible market.

Finding The Right Content Writer

Hiring a content writer may feel like an unnecessary leap. In reality, it could be the very thing you need to take gain a new perspective and your business to the next level. But, how do you find the right one? Stay tuned! In our next blog post, we’ll tackle what you should look for in a content writer, so you find the right fit and don’t waste time and money!

Written by: Kimberly Kulp

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