What to Consider When Hiring A Creative Agency

Whether you are considering hiring a creative agency for the first time, or are looking to refresh your current approach, there are several factors to consider when vetting a creative agency. Some key factors to consider include their experience as an agency, the team they have, and the references they provide.

The Experience

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Experience is often a major factor in deciding to hire anyone, especially those who are representing your organization. For many companies, agencies with several years of experience are an excellent choice, due to the stability and developed processes that come with continued success and growth over several years. In addition to overall agency experience, having experience in your field can be valuable, particularly if it is highly specialized or requires a deep understanding of the topics they’ll be marketing.

The People

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While longevity and specialization can be a great first step to vetting a creative agency, your primary experience will be with the team at the agency. An ideal team is comprised of a diverse group, bringing their different backgrounds, styles, experiences, and opinions to offer a broad look that can bring fresh ideas, tactics, and tools. In addition to the team, the structure of the agency can be an important factor to consider. Do you need a traditional nine-to-five team in a physical studio, or are you comfortable with a remote team working on their own schedules? Each variation has its pros and cons. What may be a good fit for some, doesn’t fit for others.

The References

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Finally, and perhaps most importantly, references from current or past clients should be an integral part of your consideration. Most agencies will be happy to provide the contact information of several clients they work with, so that you can hear directly from a client what the experience is like. Asking specific questions of the references and getting to the heart of the customer service the agency provides will help you understand if they are a proper fit for your organization.

The Bottom Line

When it comes time to hire a creative agency, doing the proper research beforehand can help to alleviate misunderstandings and frustration down the line. By ensuring you consider their experience in general and in your field, the team you’ll be working with, and speaking with their existing clients, you’ll get a better picture of how the agency operates and what you can expect when working with them.

Written by: Clayton Pollard

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