Using Video to Improve Your Website

You have a great website, but it feels stagnant. You’ve seen your users are spending less time on your pages or not engaging as much as before. Maybe your carefully crafted content is being ignored and you’re getting questions about your product. How do you improve your site to recapture the attention of your audience while making your content more valuable and accessible? Use video! Video is a surefire way to increase organic traffic, retain visitor interest, and lead to more conversions.

Why Should I Use Video on my Website?

Video marketing is a versatile tool that has many uses across different marketing platforms that can drive traffic to your website. For instance, short videos on social media and in email that drive traffic to your website for the full video can improve engagement and click through rates and bring you new users.

According to a Hubspot survey, video is the number one way people want to see brands provide content. Videos are easy for people to get information from, whether they watch or just listen, and because we’re visual creatures, videos are excellent for distributing content. People understand and remember up to 95% of what they see in a video, while only retaining about 10% of what they read of the same content. So, if you have content you want your users to remember, make it a video!

User Education

One key benefit of using video is to educate your customers and site visitors about your business and services or product. Whether it’s explaining your process, showcasing a feature, or providing a step-by-step walkthrough, a video will give people visual context for the information and make them more likely to remember in the future. Additionally, a video with narration allows users to listen rather than watch, if they need to divide their attention to do something the video is describing like preparing a recipe or making a repair.

SEO Value

Another benefit of using videos on your website is the added value they bring to your search engine optimization. Providing a written transcript of your video that includes the same content along with descriptions of the images and any action in the video ensures that the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube, will show your video for the related keywords. Additionally, by providing a strong, keyworded title and adding those keywords in the description of your video, you can help people find your content through search. When you’re the one answering their questions with an easy to understand video, you become their go-to source and they’re more likely to make a purchase or use your service.

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How Should I Use Video on my Website?

While every business is different and has unique ways to use video on their sites, there are three common buckets that websites can use videos to improve: Showcasing your work, highlighting product or service features, and testimonials or reviews.

Showcasing Work or Experience

When it comes to showcasing your work, especially in highly visual fields, video is an excellent option. A home builder could use video to showcase a walkthrough of their latest build or renovation, keeping viewers more engaged than still photos, and helping the viewer feel like they are actually there. An experienced-based business, like a mini-golf course or travel company, can use video to showcase excited customers enjoying their services, creating the desire for the viewer to be experiencing the business as well.

Highlight Product or Service Features

Your product is amazing and has some great special features that you love to show off, but pictures don’t do it justice. A video highlighting your product in use, a look at how a special feature works, or just a brief overview explainer of your product, is a great way to engage site visitors and convert potential buyers.


People love checking reviews and testimonials before they buy, but text doesn't convey the emotion behind a testimonial as much as a video. If you can get happy customers to agree to be in a testimonial video, the confidence they portray in your product, or the joy in the experience, will be a great tool that you can use to convert potential buyers into happy customers.

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Now What?

Video is an incredible marketing tool that you should be using! If you’re not using video yet and are ready to improve your website with video, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you take your site and marketing to the next level.

Written By: Clayton Pollard

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