Top Notch Design for Top Ten USA

What do you do when your company works in the IT space and wants to convey your expertise and skill to a tech-savvy audience? You come to fatrabbit CREATIVE of course!

Top Ten USA, a worldwide supplier of third-party maintenance for data-center and enterprise-level IT hardware, who serves clients from small businesses up to the Federal government, came to us with a tough challenge: take a dated brand and website and revitalize it to feel more modern and “kick-ass,” to help them stand out in a sea of competition.

Before we could address the website, we needed to rebrand Top Ten USA to bring life to the company and help guide the design of the new site. Like any rebranding, we started with a Creative Kickoff to discover the needs and wants of Top Ten USA before we dove in. With the information acquired during the Kickoff, we broke out our pencils and started sketching ideas. It wasn’t long before we were on the phone with Anthony, the owner, and Ed, the Director of Business Development, presenting our concepts. We knew we had hit the nail on the head when the response to one concept was “I’ve got goosebumps! That’s the new logo!”

With the logo finalized, we moved into the website design and followed a similar process to gather the information needed to create a site that speaks to the audience and showcases Top Ten USA’s expertise. We planned the site with a flowchart to determine its structure and content. The website was designed to be modern and “kick-ass” through the use of unique animations and shapes and developed to look good on any device, large or small. The new design was met with positive feedback from Top Ten USA’s audience, who praised the new design as a significant improvement.

When we asked Ed about the fatrabbit CREATIVE approach after the project, he said, “The approach made the process quite simple. While we are extremely technologically savvy, we are not in the business of web development, and this process allowed us to be actively involved with our corporate rebranding without feeling like we were ‘out of our depth.’”

Ed went on to say, “The approach takes a complex process and breaks it down into logical stages. Each stage is then easy to absorb and work through, which then builds to the next, and so on.”

The Top Ten USA website was built on the ExpressionEngine CMS platform allowing easy access to update and add new content as needed. The ability to update content to stay current and relevant to their audience was another necessity for Top Ten USA. fatrabbit CREATIVE continues to manage the website to add new content, improve the website for consistent and improved user experiences, and reach new audiences. When asked if the website met their expectations and goals, Ed said, “Our website has gone beyond our expectation.” Furthermore, when asked if Top Ten USA has seen a positive ROI from the website, Ed replied, “We have seen a positive ROI. While our website design was not inexpensive, the new site paid for itself in new business within the first 6 months.”

Do you have a dated website or brand that needs to be revived for today’s market? Call us today or send your project details to, and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your next project with you!

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