Top 5 2020 Design Trends

Some trends are classic and will always be in style, like the jean jacket. And some, like MC Hammer pants, are a flash in the pan—for good reason. As with any new year, there will be trends in graphic design to consider, some of which you should use, and some you should toss out like an old color block shirt. Here are the top 5 design trends of 2020.

1: 3D

Kroger’s recent rebrand is a perfect example of where graphic design is heading in 2020- 3D animation. Whether it’s cute characters like Kroger’s, or abstract shapes, 3D design attracts attention and gives depth to a brand. It also makes a brand appear more down to earth, fun, and approachable.

2: Color Play

Be it pastels, neutrals, or bright neon, one thing is for sure: design is drifting from the monochrome greyscales popularized by Apple and towards colorful statements that attract the eye. Take Skillshare’s rebranded website as an example. Their blend of neon blues and greens makes a bold statement while the neutral navy brings a sense of professionalism to help make the neon pop. Even Apple themselves are jumping on the bandwagon with their new line of colorful phones.

3: Maximalism

The minimalist trend is out, with a new focus on how to maximize space or maximalism. Graphic designs in 2020 are being pushed to the edge (literally) through the use of patterns, large typography, and unique layouts. The style may look chaotic like this site for the One & All festival, but it requires a larger focus on how to strategically display content.

4: Patterns

Patterns add flare to an otherwise plain design. They also give brands unique identity. Pet Plate’s recent rebrand shows the trend of bright colors combined with captivating patterns. Amika, a haircare brand whose patterned bottles are unforgettably bright, is another great example. The illustrative style and patterns give a quirkiness to both brands.

5: Typography

Custom fonts, thin serifs, and rounded sans-serifs are at the forefront of the typographic trend. Large, creative type draws the eye to what a brand has to say and makes it more memorable. Picking (or creating) the right font for your brand is crucial in 2020.

Trends come and go. Regardless of how we feel about them, we need to stay in the know about the 2020 design trends to ensure our website and brand are competitive and as eye-catching as they can be. If you’re ready to implement one of these design trends of 2020, give us a call at 973.691.5804. We’d love to help you.

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