Three Reasons Not To Mess With Your Logo

You worked hard to create your business and the reputation it holds, and your branding is one of the most important elements of your business and its reputation. Agencies, like fatrabbit, build cohesive brands and identities to ensure your business and reputation remain recognizable, consistent, and build trust. Once your brand has these three things, you don’t want to ruin it by hastily changing elements of your logo. There are three primary reasons you shouldn’t mess with your logo.

Your Logo Needs to be Easily Recognized

Messing with your logo can mean a bunch of different things, but usually, it involves breaking the rules of your established style guide. Often people will use different colors, not give enough space around the logo, or change the fonts used in the logo, website, or other collateral. Not only does this become a challenge to keep all your logos straight, it also can become an issue of logo confusion.

What would happen if the McDonald’s golden arches were in green? Would you be confused? Would you even recognize it at first?

Your logo’s colors and typefaces are purposefully chosen to work together as a unified brand. Changing any of the pieces without direct, purposeful decisions, makes for a brand that looks unprofessional. Worst of all, changing elements of your logo can lead to confusion among your customers and prospects, which leads to a loss of business.

Your Logo Needs to be Consistent

Your logo must be applied consistently so that it can become a true asset of your company. Once a logo design is approved and its use on your products and marketing tools starts, it builds the brand. Therefore, the continuity and consistency of your logo use is very important.

This means that all of the elements in your logo such as colors, relative sizes of elements and style should stay the same all the time. Doing otherwise will create confusion for the customers and it can damage your brand’s image. Consumers are very cautious in this day and age, and they are hyper-aware of spam and illicit businesses attempting to appear authentic. If a consumer sees a variety of logo treatments that appear to be disjoined, they may hesitate to use your product or services if they are unsure whether your brand is trustworthy.

Your Logo Needs to Build Trust

Everything above boils down to one word. Trust. No business wants to be perceived as untrustworthy. A consistent logo and application of all brand elements helps to ensure consumers that your brand is trustworthy.

Your logo is where customer loyalty starts. It is also one of your most powerful marketing tools, so use it wisely! In short, if you keep consistency in your logo as far as color, type, and hierarchy of elements, you will be just fine, and customers will never be confused with your look.

In conclusion, if your brand is disjoined, feeling tired, or is non-existent, fatrabbit CREATIVE can help you develop a recognizable, consistent, and trusted brand that your customers will love. Give us a call today and speak to one of our designers!

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