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Many people living in NJ, NYC and eastern Pa., enjoy tuning in to Star 99.1 FM for uplifting contemporary Christian music and entertaining radio personalities. What they may not know is that fatrabbit CREATIVE launched Star’s new website in December 2016. 

The Koby family have been long-time listeners and supporters of Star for years. When Star’s general manager, Scott Taylor, gave the green light for fatrabbit CREATIVE to redesign and develop their new website, we were ecstatic! 

Prior to the redesign, fatrabbit CREATIVE had taken over the management of the Star website. This website was difficult for the Star team to update and manage, and many of the features, such as recently played songs, were not functioning properly. The user experience was not up to Star’s standards.

Like any new website project, fatrabbit CREATIVE’s approach started with a creative kickoff to listen to and learn about Star’s vision for their new website and share ideas. From there we devised a flowchart and wireframes to efficiently lay out the groundwork. The website was then designed and developed to be attractive and engaging on desktops, as well as handheld devices. 

When asked about the fatrabbit CREATIVE approach, Scott said, “The website is one component of our operation. It was nice to have the guidance through the development process while we were still dealing with the day to day issues of the ministry.” 

Scott also said, “Among fatrabbit CREATIVE’s strengths are your professionalism towards your client and your pursuit of creativity.”

The new Star website was built on the CMS platform ExpressionEngine allowing the Star personalities access to update and add new posts and content daily in just a matter of minutes. Now listeners can quickly find more information about inspirational stories heard on-air, stay informed of upcoming events and concerts, and easily donate to support their favorite radio station.

Star 99.1 FM

Staying current and relevant with your website involves ongoing maintenance. fatrabbit CREATIVE continues to manage the website and help coach Star as we tweak and improve the website for consistent and improved user experiences. According to Scott about whether the new website met Star’s expectations and goals, “On a scale of 1-10, we’re at 9.5.”

Do you want your website to be the next big star? Call us today or send your project details to and one of our team will be happy to discuss your next project!

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