The Art and Science Behind Subject Lines

May 20, 2016

In a world where our attention spans last about a millisecond, it is vital to produce well thought out subject lines for your e-mail marketing strategy. The subject lines need to catch attention, as well as keep it. It does not help to have high open rates with low click rates for your e-mail campaigns. When your goal is to boost engagement and get more page views, subject lines should be at the forefront. To do so, there are things you can do to improve the open and action rate to e-mails and here are a few to take into consideration.

Appeal to Target Audience

Every business has a target audience. These are the people that signed up to receive your daily, weekly or monthly e-mails. Something about your business clicked with these “certain” types of people and it is up to you to keep that connection. Keeping that in mind, your e-mails should be exciting, knowledgeable and tempting. The cool part is, is that you can be creative, technical, humorous or personal; just as long as you aim it in the right direction and keep the focus on your core business goals.

Keep Things Short

With less and less time to scroll through e-mail inboxes, keeping subject lines short is key. The average person receives about 105 e-mails a day, and if any of those contain a long, drawn-out subject line, it will probably be scrolled over or deleted. With a short, to the point subject line, it allows viewers to easily see what the e-mail is about and why you are communicating to them.

Ask A Question

Questions can be a way to see what your audience wants, while also raising interaction. It encourages a response. By understanding what types of things your audience is looking for can correspond with an opened e-mail. Through that opened e-mail, an increase in your ROI will occur. We all like to be understood, especially by businesses we use to meet our requirements or fix our problems. Don’t be afraid to ask, or you’ll never know!

Highlight A Benefit

Benefits are always a motivator when you need or want someone to do something for you. It is kind of like bribery, without the negative connotation. By highlighting something great you can do for your audience, it motivates them to click on the e-mail. Whether it be for a sale, unique service offers or a special for a first-time user, it makes them want to open that e-mail. We live in a society where people love discounts and free items, so take advantage of it!

Overall, subject lines are something that every business should take the time to work on and get right. There are many approaches or techniques that can be used to develop your strategy. Aim to write concise subject lines that describe what the e-mail is about or proposition is – and don’t forget to be creative.

If you need help customizing your e-mail marketing and getting those subject lines to stand out above the rest, contact fatrabbit CREATIVE today. 

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