Should I Invest in SEO?

April 01, 2016

Should I Invest in SEO?

You’ve heard repeatedly that you need to invest in Search Engine Optimization, but no one ever tells you why your business needs to invest in SEO. Can you imagine not being in the phone book before the internet? Not investing in a solid SEO strategy is like not having your business in the phone book of today. If that’s still not enough to convince you to invest in search engine optimization, keep reading and you’ll see other reasons you should invest in SEO.

First, let’s clear up what SEO is and what it is not. We covered what SEO is in another, more in-depth post here, but the short answer is that SEO is a way to affect the visibility of your website in a search engine by using keywords and providing relevant, detailed content. Search engine optimization is not a one-solution-fits-all venture or a guarantee of a fast ascent up the Google rankings. SEO requires an active investment of time and effort but will benefit your business and return the investment over time. So what are the reasons you should invest in SEO?

It Works

With a strong, methodical strategy and the proper implementation, search engine optimization will drive traffic and continue to drive traffic long after your initial investment, while pay-per-click ads disappear when you stop funding them. However, keep an eye out for any to-good-to-be-true offers. Many companies will promise a meteoric rise, but the real results come from a planned ascent that ensures a balance of user experience and SEO-friendly content.


When done properly, search engine optimization can generate a large amount of consistent organic traffic, even after your initial investment, which can contribute to brand awareness and conversions. When compared with paid search on a pay-per-click basis or traditional web advertising, the ROI of search engine optimization makes investing in a solid SEO plan a no-brainer.

The Competition Is Doing It

Do a quick search of what it is your business does or the services you offer. Who came up first in the results? Second? Those competitors are doing SEO. Don’t let your competition get all the leads without a fight. With local searches on mobile devices gathering a great share of searches than desktop searches, investing in local listings is a good place to begin investing in search engine optimization.

Build Trust

Business boils down to trust. If someone trusts your company, they’ll be more likely to buy from you or use your services. By investing in search engine optimization, your brand will become more recognizable, and that recognition will build trust. In addition to keywords, providing relevant, detailed content not only provides a service to your customers, but also positions your business as an industry leader, and if you haven’t noticed, it’s those industry leaders who get the majority of business.

Overall, if you are not investing in SEO, you are handing your competition business without a fight. Every customer is an opportunity. Investing in a strong SEO strategy will build trust in your business, which helps you capitalize on more opportunities.

If you are ready to invest in search engine optimization and capitalize on the opportunities that are waiting, give fatrabbit CREATIVE a call and we’ll evaluate your need.

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