Professional Services Marketing: Working As Designer and Project Manager

June 17, 2016

At fatrabbit CREATIVE, we recognize the importance of being both a creative partner and project manager for years, and the added benefits it provides to the client. With this particular practice on the rise through professional services marketing, many companies are shifting to this more streamlined organizational structure. Gone are the days of separate structures that were highly used in most industries.

We Are Your Creative Partner and Project Manager

In most studios, the project manager’s primary duties are to manage the relationship between the client and the creative partner by managing the timeline, assets of a project and taking care of any billing or proposals for the project. While separating these duties from the creative partner may not work for many studios, we’ve found there are several distinct advantages to the creative partner acting also as a project manager on their projects. These benefits include direct communication, understanding the client’s needs and personal service.

We Have Direct Communication

Remember playing “telephone” in elementary school? Each time the phrase got passed along, it was slightly altered, so that in the end, the phrase often bared little resemblance to the original. The more layers there are between the creative partner and client, the greater the chance of miscommunication. With us acting as a project manager, as well as the creative partner for professional services marketing, you speak directly to the person who is creating the project, which reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding. In turn, that clarity cuts down on rounds of revisions that may arise due to miscommunication. Additionally, direct communication means that not only can we speak directly about the design choices we made and why those choices were made; but we can, and often will anticipate your needs — sometimes before you recognize the need yourselves. This anticipation and collaboration can only happen when the creative partner and client are in direct communication and have established a relationship of personal service and attention through professional services marketing.

We Offer Personalized Service

Clients choose a small creative studio for many reasons, but often one of the primary reasons is the personal attention and professional services that you get from a small team. This attention extends from picking up the phone and calling the client when there is a question, to personally meeting the client to discuss upcoming projects. Additionally, the creative partner’s personal investment in the project ensures a strong sense of responsibility and desire to produce the best possible work.

Why We Do It This Way

While project managers may be a benefit to some creative studios, we believe that the personal service and direct communication that arises from the creative partner acting as project manager has a great deal of value for the client. Not only do you get the personal attention and professional services marketing you deserve, but direct communication reduces the chance of miscommunication, which results in tighter timelines and better work.

So if you’re tired of the impersonal big agencies and not being able to speak with the person who is directly doing the work, call fatrabbit CREATIVE and one of our partners will be happy to chat with you about professional services marketing!

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