Marketing During a Crisis

With the Coronavirus taking over lives and our news feed, businesses have been required to adjust, think outside of the box, and find new ways to operate while still accomplishing their goals. As the pandemic has hit our economy hard, many small businesses are considering or have put the brakes on marketing. But this gut reaction is short-sighted and can have disastrous results. History has shown that continuing marketing efforts while the market is down can keep your small business moving up in the long run, solidifying your brand and positioning you to thrive when the dust settles. Take a deep breath and stick with us as we share why and how to promote your brand during a crisis.

Why Continue Marketing During a Crisis

Typically advertising and communication budgets are the first slashed during a crisis. But a crisis doesn’t create a communication vacuum in the digital world. The result is often that brands who stop marketing become a distant memory, opening the gates to their competitors. In the current environment, the quarantine and stay at home orders have left consumers feeling isolated with more time on their hands than ever. Internet searches, online shopping, and social media interaction have all increased, telling us that communication in the digital world is more important than ever.

Companies who chose to continue marketing their brand during a crisis, like Kellogg’s, Taco Bell, and Amazon, are all great examples of why continuing marketing efforts during a downturn can mean more customers, greater market share, and increased sales. When others pause their marketing efforts, beef yours up. It’s the opportune time!

How Can You Market Your Brand During a Crisis

Out of sight often means out of mind. This goes for brands as well as people. People are going to find their products and information somewhere so if you’re not talking to your customers, they’re going to look at your competition. Rather than hit the brakes, we suggest you step on the gas when it comes to your marketing. Here’s how to market yourself in an economic downturn.


Communicate Early, Communicate Often, Communicate Smartly.
It’s critical that you continue to communicate through email marketing, social media, and on your website. But strategy is everything. If we’ve learned anything from Spirit’s email debacle, it’s that you need to communicate with sensitivity and a heart to help. Do not capitalize on the situation. Specifically, we recommend increasing your email marketing to your contact lists, updating them on your response to the crisis and how your company plans to operate during this time. Show your clients and potential customers what you are doing and how you can support them during this crisis with dynamic content strategy. Use eye-catching graphics and authentic communication.


Get Seen in a Crowded Space.

With online search and surfing at an all-time high, it’s important to stand out. Unique branding, website pop-ups that alert your customers to how to contact you, images that reflect hope and resiliency, and social posts that are as eye-catching as they are engaging are going to be more attractive to readers. We love creating

  • distinctive brands,
  • interactive, visually stunning websites,
  • email templates,
  • and print materials that help our clients stand out among the crowd.


Win with Dynamic Content.
As your competitors slow down their marketing you can begin to capitalize on their lack of movement with a dynamic content strategy. Adjust your content to fit not only your current reality but also use analytics to better understand your customers and their behaviors. Then, create content and metadata that capitalizes on the keywords and topics that will convert new customers and gain more market share. A well-planned strategy SEO strategy now puts your brand in a position for explosive growth once the economy rebounds.


Build Your Brand in Community.

The Coronavirus quarantine has required us to socialize with those outside our immediate family solely via technology. This means social media, video conferencing, and online chatting has become the go-to form of interaction. Simply put, go where the customers are! Grow brand awareness and your online community by increasing your presence across social media.  This will position you to gain new customers while engaging those who already want to hear from you. If you are unaware of how to capitalize on social, or simply don’t have the time to devote to make social media effective, we can help.

The impact of the Coronavirus and the difficulty it has brought to businesses can be seen all around us. This challenging season requires flexibility, ingenuity, and a big dose of bravery for all of us who wish to do more than survive but thrive during this crisis. If you have questions about creating a marketing and communication strategy that is right for your business, reach out. The fatrabbit CREATIVE team is always here to help.  

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