Know Your Brand And Tweet Accordingly

May 27, 2016

Twitter is the world’s stream of consciousness. If used correctly, Twitter can be used to expand your brand’s perspective. By using Twitter’s search capabilities, it can display all types of information. Moreover, Twitter allows brands to tweet back and forth, generating direct contact and communication with followers, and sometimes non-followers. For your business to succeed on Twitter, it is imperative to consider a digital marketing strategy. However, there are three things that every brand should consider before taking on the field of Twitter.

Know Your Brand’s Voice

Every brand has a distinct style and tone of communication. The way that you choose to express your brand’s voice should be consistent with your advertising and with how you tweet. It is especially important to keep up with your brand’s voice when talking or “tweeting” with consumers. You should be aware of how to express your brand’s true voice consistently and precisely through all social formats, just like you would on all marketing materials.

 It Takes Commitment

A Twitter account is an indication that your brand is ready and willing to enter a chat with the world. With that, comes the responsibility of checking up on it more than every once in a while. Your consumers want to talk with you, and conversations are not a one-way street. You should and should want to respond to any tweets regarding questions, concerns or positive feedback. Offering time appropriate responses is keeping up with engagement and shows your following that you appreciate them. Followers will quickly start to disappear if regular updates stop occurring, so keep on tweeting!

Use To Influence Other Social Platforms

The Twitter-verse has taught a lesson on how to best control the command of social media by creating an interactive digital platform where consumers can directly communicate with brands. The lessons that are learned from Twitter can be re-applied to other social media platforms and campaigns. Use what you have learned and what has worked and apply it to your other outlets and see what happens!

Overall, social media opens up the doors for brands to directly engage with consumers. Brands that utilize Twitter with the ideologies of engagement in mind, will gain a connection…or a follow! If you need help creating and our managing your Twitter or other social media platforms, contact fatrabbit CREATIVE today.

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