Keeping Up with the Big Dogs: Keys to Business Success

Do you want to get to the head of the pack in your industry? Of course, you do. But, how can you make your mark and continue to grow in a world where competition is on every corner? Learn from the best of the best, those companies that have climbed to the top and managed to stay there. Here are the top keys to business success from the giants and how they remain at the front.


Collaborate. Target has added dozens of their own exclusive branded collections in collaboration with famous designers, architects, chefs, etc. increasing traffic to their brick and mortar stores when so many competitors, like Sears and Kohls are losing ground.


Experience Matters. From asking parents to ditch their cell phones to drive-thru concierge service to simply the politest fast-food experience you’ll ever have, Chick-fil-A continues to lead the charge in outstanding customer experience. The result: they do more business in six days than McDonald’s does in seven.


Customize. Despite heavy competition and more than a little controversy, Nike continues to gain market share. How? Customization. At Nike House of Innovation 000 in NY, customers can order customized sneakers and apparel to fit their unique tastes and dreams. And, Nike stores stock only items that are popular in that specific region, using online sales data to determine what should be on the shelves.


Innovate. When you’re Apple, the bar is set pretty high with each new product. It’s a good thing that their dynamic business plan prizes innovation above all else. With each new roll out and update, Apple generates buzz because they lead the charge in what is possible in the world of technology.


Diversify. Since 1998 Google has been winning the internet. How? Their portfolio includes a broad range of products that we all want and need to consume in both the business and personal markets. You Tube, Google Maps (which just bought Waze), Google Play and phone products, Google ads, etc. are all part of the diverse Google portfolio that has expanded their reach to over one billion (that’s 1,000,000,000) users.

Trip Advisor

Optimize. The travel industry is dependent upon organic search for success (and so are you, most likely), which is exactly how TripAdvisor has become the leader in all things online travel. 93% of their traffic is gained through organic search because they’ve capitalized on keywords and phrases like “fun things to do in” and “best hotels in” followed by the name of a city.

Wondering how to implement these keys in your own business? Stay tuned! We’ll be outlining practical, realistic ways for you to diversify, optimize, and more in our next blog post.

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