Have You Heard Of Split Testing?

When it comes to email marketing, split testing can be one of your best tools—split testing is a way of comparing two or more different strategies in a controlled setting to see which strategy is the most successful.

Split testing tools can be found in most major email marketing platforms, although each platform may call it something different and vary in its functions. Whether you are new to split testing or you’ve never heard of it, you should be using it as part of your email marketing strategy.

Split testing tools allow you to send emails more effectively and allows for a greater positive response from your customers. To get started, we recommend trying split testing the following areas to learn more about your customers’ habits and preferences:

Subject Lines

Creating the perfect subject line is both a science and an art—determine whether your audience prefers short & mysterious subject lines, more descriptive subject lines or subject lines that include emojis.

Call-To-Action Buttons

What grabs users’ attention more, “Click Here” or “Download Now”? A blue button or a green button? Explore sending out multiple versions of one mailing to different groups to test what results in the most clicks.

Subject Matter

Try including a version of your mailing with a testimonial or a review to see how that impacts your results. You can also try changing up the styling of your content to see what grabs readers' attention more.

Send Times

Switch up your send times (try morning, afternoon and night send times, as well as sending on week days and weekends) and see when your audience likes to go through their email.

Your “From” Name

Explore different “from” names to determine if your audience is more likely to open an email (for example, “fatrabbit CREATIVE” or “Eric at fatrabbit CREATIVE”).

If you want your emails to be well-received, make sure you know your audience! The quickest and most effective way to understand your customers is to implement split testing, regularly review the results and make adjustments.

While split testing requires additional effort, the results will speak for themselves when you notice your open and click rates grow, and the unsubscribe rates go down!

If you need help with your email marketing strategy or how to apply split testing to your routine, contact fatrabbit CREATIVE about our email marketing program!

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