Don’t Write Like an SEO Robot

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It’s obvious this content was spun to attract search engines. To many, that’s a forgivable sin, and we agree... to a point. See, this type of content is created to attract search engines, without caring about the real people looking at it. And that blatant disregard for your audience is why this brand of “keyword heavy, content light” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Becoming an SEO Robot

As a small business owner, it’s easy to become someone whose page gets overrun with search terms. With 23 million small businesses (and climbing) in the United States alone, the allure of significant search engine recognition is understandable. However, don’t fall in love with your page rank at the expense of your message. 

What you need to keep in mind is that computers don’t buy your products or use your services. It’s great to make the front page of Google or Bing search results, obviously - but don’t embrace your mechanical audience and neglect the human one.

It can happen in a number of ways. Whether you purchase a book, or hire an SEO consultant that doesn’t understand your business, the risk remains the same. One keyword becomes two, then four, and before you know it... you’ve lost sight of your customers and become a dreaded “SEO Robot”.

Symptoms of Being an SEO Robot

1. A disconnect between SEO consultants and business owners. It is difficult for internet marketers and SEO specialists to understand that a majority of business owners don’t understand SEO.

This disconnect brings about two negative results. One, the business owner takes no time to understand what the SEO consultant he hired is doing. Two, the SEO expert makes no effort to learn about his client’s unique business. As a result, you have an SEO expert operating with no specific knowledge or accountability, and a business owner pleading ignorance in the dark.

2. All scheme, no strategy. Too many people approach SEO as a “tactic” and not a strategic solution. Without a strategy, how do you expect to truly optimize anything? Whether you’re a business owner or the SEO expert, have a plan in place. Know who the target audience is, what the message needs to say, and where it needs to reach. Using a bunch of unrelated, random keywords doesn’t do any good.

3. Lack of freshness. SearchEngineWatch states the truth: “Fresh content not only helps with your [SEO] strategy; it shows your social following you are active and engaged in your industry and local community.” Conversely, dull and formless content tells your audience you’re disengaged from social conversation and are solely interested in traffic and sales. In today’s marketplace, few people will do business with you if you carry that approach.

3 Ways to Solve the Problem

1. Respect the content. In an automated world, this is a situation where it’s imperative you take the time to do things right. More and more, sophisticated SEO experts and business owners are carefully crafting their message with optimization in mind. In addition, search engines are beginning to become more discriminating, “beefing up” their policing of low-value text and rewarding websites that are rich in content. 

2. Remember: real people come first. Even if you strongly want to make search engines “priority 1A”, your real-life audience has to come first. As we said before, search engines enhance your ability to be found, but it’s real people who have to like what they find when they see your site. If you shove a bunch of nonsensical copy at them, then your SEO efforts have been counterproductive. You’ll just be a popular site with a terrible lead-to-customer conversion rate.

3. Hire a great design team. The key for both business owners and SEO experts is to find a smart, conscientious intermediary to capture the talents of both individuals. An intelligent creative firm or marketing agency can work with both parties to create a fantastic end product utilizing compelling content and stunning visuals. 

If you’re a business owner, make sure you know a design and marketing company that can effectively communicate your message while incorporating the latest SEO techniques from its own experts. Otherwise, the next SEO Robot might just be you.

fatrabbit CREATIVE works hard to understand your unique business, and then communicates your message utilizing smart SEO strategy and rich content. Talk to us and find out more about our process.

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