5 Reasons Your Business Should Have A Blog

July 01, 2016

Blogging is a great tool that is growing in the business world. Many businesses are taking that next step by providing current and new clients with a business blog to add that little personal touch. Many people feel that blogging is a waste of time and that no one will take the time to read a post — however, that is false. Business blogs help businesses grow and studies show that 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. Still not convinced that your business should have one? Let’s explore these 5 reasons why your business should have a blog.

Your Business Has A Voice - Use It

Every brand has a voice, and when you are writing a blog post, it should represent that voice. By doing so, it allows clients, especially new ones, to get a feel of how your brand works and what you represent. It is also helpful to new products or services as well as company initiatives that go beyond your website or social media outlets.

Sharing Is Caring

You are the best person to give knowledge and advice about what you do — hence why you have the business. To position yourself as an expert, share the knowledge and experience you have with others. Not only will you look more appealing to current and future clients, you will also look good among your industry.

Keeps Focus On CMS

Delivering purposeful content can be hard to manage, especially when time and focus are running low. Blogging can help a business stay on track and create a schedule that will help distribute relevant content. Sticking to the content schedule not only allows a business to stay on track but also ensures that impactful content is going out.  

Fuels SEO

Valuable content will be rewarded if you play the words right. By optimizing your content with keywords and phrases it will help get your content noticed by more than just your following. Search engines search for the most optimized content, and if you are on top of your game, you will see a growth in your organic traffic from search engines.


It may not sound like it, but blogging can be fun. It is a way to write more conversationally and push those technical terms aside. It can be stimulating and can be something you look forward to. All in all, you take the reins and that can be a fun escape from all your other tasks.

Overall, blogging should be an important part of any business' website and marketing strategy. They help your business grow and allow current and future clients to stay in the loop and get to know your business on a more personal level. If you need help starting, customizing, or developing a content strategy for your business blog, contact fatrabbit CREATIVE today!

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