3 Tips For Obtaining More Social Media Followers

July 08, 2016

Many people think that their follower count is just a number – and the bigger the better, right? Well, there is more to it. It is about how big of an impact your message makes. The majority of social media users do not know what works and what doesn’t work in gaining more followers. Believe it or not, there is a science to getting more eyes on your social media pages.

Let's explore three of them now.

Post Valuable Content

Posting content that is valuable can increase engagement, followers, likes, shares, and retweets. If your social media content does not promote this kind of activity, then it is probably not worth posting on your page. It is important to understand what your audience (and future audience) would want to hear and learn about. A few options that are always a win when it comes to content is interactive content, content that evokes a positive emotion and newsworthy content.

Interactive Content- Let’s be real. People love to express their opinions or ask questions. By interacting with your audience in this way, it shows them you care, and appreciate that they are reaching out.

Content The Evokes Positive Emotion- Social media content that sparks positive emotions get more shares. Because everyone enjoys being happy!

Newsworthy Content- News articles get more social shares than any other type of content. However, unless you are a big news company, staying on top of the news can be hard. Instead, focus on the news of your business, such as current events, new positions or products and services. If it’s newsworthy, be sure to let your audience know!

Engage With Others

You should always address any questions or comments that your audience posts on your social platforms; even if you don’t have an actual answer. It shows the person asking the question (as well as “future” followers) that you care – and are paying attention. People, especially customers and/or clients, like to be heard and understood. By staying on top of things like that, it will certainly boost your follower count!

Stay Active

Nothing is more annoying than when you start to follow a page that you enjoy and want to learn more about and soon realize that they are pretty inactive; so, please stay active! The benefits of active social media use can lead to results that go beyond a follower count - it can grow your business! It helps build a strong online reputation (which in today’s society is the best kind of reputation). Not only that, it helps you stay ahead of the competition by gathering feedback and analytics, as well as keeping track of trends. All of these things can benefit your follower count and business as a whole.

Overall, social media should be something your business should be updating and keeping afloat. Social media helps your business grow and allows current and future clients to stay in the loop and get to know your business on a more personal level. If you need help in starting or customizing your social media, contact fatrabbit CREATIVE today!

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