2020 Reflections

As 2020 comes to a close most of the world is grateful. If there is one thing that this year has taught me, it is that toilet paper can be a very valuable commodity that one does not need to be ashamed of hoarding. At least I can take that away as a lesson learned.

At fatrabbit CREATIVE we, thankfully, have plenty of toilet paper, but we still are certainly ready for a new year. And while for many, looking towards a new year can simply be due to the anxiousness of wanting to put the current one behind us, we are looking forward for some very different reasons.

In 2021, fatrabbit will be celebrating 20 years in business! This is quite an accomplishment in our industry. Agencies that do what we do come and go frequently in the digital world. We however have held to a model that, though at times has been a hefty responsibility, has also been the reason for our enduring success. Our model of offering an all in-house team has always been, from our beginning, our banner of success. A group of people who daily bring their individually-focused skills to the table and collaborate together, creating strategies that work is what every client deserves in a marketing team. We have already been working together on a strategy for celebrating our 20th! So be sure to follow us on social media and be on the lookout for ways you can celebrate with us!

In 2021, fatrabbit will also be revealing our fresh new brand, and with it a fresh new website. Though our current brand and website are a continued hit with our fans, I knew that as a female-owned business, we needed to begin identifying ourselves as such, while keeping our well-known mark of the bunny as our focus. And the team has really come through. We look forward to this big reveal in 2021!

Of course at fatrabbit CREATIVE, we don’t do things in small ways, so we decided that along with our 20-year celebration, new brand, and new website, that we would also move into a new space! This perhaps being the biggest hurdle for us as moving is no small feat. In January of 2021, we will officially be moving right down the road to 221 Main Street. Our offices will hail our new brand’s color palette and will be taking on a new signature look of classic mid-century modernism. As a former history teacher, the love of all things retro is part of who I am, and our new brand, website, and office would not be true to who we have become as a company without encompassing a little of this flair in our design. 

So, what really is left to mention after so many new changes at fatrabbit CREATIVE? Our amazing projects of course. This year has brought us new and wonderful clients, and we are so thankful for each of them. From the new brands we have been fortunate to create, to the new websites we have built this year, to managing the marketing of so many businesses, we have loved every minute of each opportunity we have received, working hard to help businesses grow and thrive in new and innovative ways. 

Of course with all of these amazing accomplishments, I must say thank you to all of those that have come alongside fatrabbit through this crazy year that has been 2020. The biggest thank you must go to the team of people I have the privilege of working with on a daily basis. With their usual tenacity, they took Covid-19 by the horns and reorganized our workflow to find continued success in the midst of global chaos. To each of you, I say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication this year. 

To our clients old and new, we have so appreciated the opportunities you have given us to work with you on the many projects we have tackled in 2020. Relationship is at the core of who we are and we have been able to maintain our relationships with each of you even during this time of isolation. 

To our colleagues and vendors, we say thank you for working with us when things got tricky. You have helped us to continue meeting the many needs of our clients through your quick thinking and dedication to your craft. 

And last but certainly not least, to our friends and families, thank you for always standing by our side no matter what. Being a part of a small but mighty team is so much more than just a day job. Your support and love has been crucial to our success. I thank especially my husband Darren, who married me this past July, during a pandemic in the middle of Tropical Storm Fey and stands by my side daily, even when my work seems like it may never end. Without your love and encouragement, my life would be all work and no play. And no one wants a boss like that! 

Cheers to 2020, may it rest in peace, and may 2021 show us all that our journey ahead is indeed a more beautiful one. Happy New Year!

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